Building Opening June 1, 2020

Classes Returning!

We want you all to know that we are putting great effort into implementing protective measures at the studio to prepare for our return date. We are concerned about everyone's safety and we will do everything in our powers to keep our studio dancers and employees safe. You will find a list below of some of the major protective measures. Please remember that you still have the option of taking your class from home on Zoom until you are feeling comfortable with returning to the studio.   

We understand that all people have varying opinions of this virus and that they have different family dynamics with risk to this virus. We trust each and everyone of you to make the safest decisions for your own family. 

Some Protection Measures Going in Place

Parents are not allowed into the studio (unless child needs you because of age).

Hospital grade generators are running already in each studio.

Mask worn by Infinity Staff.

Regular cleaning of the studio especially the door handles and the bathrooms.

Children should be picked up as soon as their classes are finished.

We will continue to Zoom classes for any dancers that wants to stay home for a while longer.

Washing Hands with soap before class starts.

Sanitizer will be available in each room.

Instructors will sanitize common touch areas in each of their classrooms between each class.

Please drop your child off and pick them up on time as to not have any students lingering in the studio lobby.

The barn doors will be closed between Infinity, The Danc’n Bean and Studio four. Go to your correct location when entering the studio.

If your child is under the weather please don’t bring them to the studio but allow them to participate or watch on Zoom class.

Coming Up!


Performance Company Auditions for 2020-2021 Season

Interested in being apart of the Infinity Performance Company? Auditions will take place at Infinity Dance Center. Audition date TBD (date needs to move due to Covid-19)!

About Us

Dedicated Instructors

First-Rate Course Offerings

First-Rate Course Offerings

Our instructors are college educated in dance as well as hold many diverse certifications. We understand the importance of dance education at any age. 

First-Rate Course Offerings

First-Rate Course Offerings

First-Rate Course Offerings

Our goal at Infinity Dance Center is to expand children’s overall education through dance; incorporating team work, personal achievements, creative thinking, movement, and entertainment.

We strive to create a comfortable family friendly environment with well-educated staff and teachers.

Our Mission

First-Rate Course Offerings

Our Mission

Infinity Dance Center is a full-service dance studio devoted to providing exceptional dance instruction to children age 2 through adult. We work on respect, teamwork, and self-confidence through dancing.

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