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Our goal at Infinity Dance Center is to expand children’s overall education through dance; incorporating team work, personal achievements, creative thinking, movement, and entertainment.

We strive to create a comfortable family friendly environment with well-educated staff and teachers.

Performance Company

2019-2020 Performance Company Tryouts

By private audition!

Infinity Dance Center offers competition lines for students ages five through Sr. in high school. These classes differ from other classes because they are faster pace, take more dedication from the dancer and their parents, and have the ability to compete in regional and national competitions. 


We focus strongly on building excellent and educated technique!


Competition dancers can also attend different conventions throughout the year. These are not manditory but they are a great way for dancers to gain dance experience, learn choreography from famous dancers, and they are a fun experience.

What Makes a Great Team Dancer

-- Actively seeks and takes advantage of opportunities.

-- Takes responsibility and initiative.

-- Gives 100% to every class and performance.

-- Understands that although a strong technical foundation is important, artistry is key.

-- Has a strong support system at home.

-- Is coachable, unselfish, and respectful.

-- Is a team player: Communicates effectively, listens actively, shows commitment to the team,

treats others in a respectful and supportive manner.

 Lines are determined by ability and not necessarily age. Use of age to form groups is approximate. Leveling is mostly decided on discipline, technical ability and attendance.

Performance Company Lines

 (Ages 5-18 years old)

Senior, Elite*

Teen, Teen Elite*

Junior, Junior Elite* 



Super Minis

*dancers are chosen for this opportunity based off dedication, hard work, teamwork, and expierence.

Registration for classes can be found at the bottom of the page here



If you are interested in 2019-2020 competition season, email us at Please include your age, grade, school attending and number of years you have danced. We will respond with audition date, level, and pricing. All ages for levels are approximate and teacher has final say.



--Solo, duet, and trios have limited availability and have certain requirements--

Email us for additional information if interested.